Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ok, one more diet post

Just some links to what others are saying:

  • 2006 (May 1) Sierra, K. The strangest, easiest way to lose weight. Creating Passionate Users."It's been two weeks since I started and oh-my-god. . . . It works by using your body's natural appetite suppressant—the desire to keep you at a particular weight. . . . It is the weirdest damn feeling . . . it's a kind of "not hungry" that is unlike anything I've ever experienced. . . . I have two other friends on it now, and after five days, they've noticed the effect as well."
  • 2006 (April 28). Anniejs. A tubby hurrah! Spewage. A subtle and detailed comment.
  • 2006 (April 27) Swartz, A. A future without fat. Aaron Swartz: The Weblog. I love this.
  • 2006 (April 20). Dubner, S. The Shangri-La diet, between hard covers. Freakonomics.com Authors' Blog. A little masterpiece of show don't tell.
  • 2006 (April 20). Cohen, J. The diet to end all diets. HuntGrunt. Joyce was given The Shangri-La Diet book proposal by a Starbucks employee. My agent had left it there by mistake. Brilliant viral marketing!
  • 2006 (April 20). Reynolds, G. The Shangri-La diet - lose weight without hunger while eating whatever you want. VideoGameWorkout. An example of combining the Shangri-La diet with other weight-loss methods.

The book on Amazon.com (about twelve dollars, vs. twenty in the store).

My main post on the diet and some more below:

Contrary Voices:


Maffalda said...

Is the diet generating criticism as well? If it is, where could I read the arguments against it?
(I'm just curious!)

Stephen said...

Not much criticism so far.

I'd visit:






Maffalda said...

Thank you. What I was curious about was the overall health of a person on this diet.