Sunday, September 10, 2017

On Temples (a religious post)

I wrote this:

It follows the theme, set out in another's essay:

“I am saddened that President McKay felt he had been poorly prepared for his experience but encouraged by his frankness in talking about it.15 We need to do a better job, both institutionally and personally, in preparing our children, our friends, and new members to receive their endowment.”

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lesson in church today

-Women need to be faithful to themselves.
:how do they do that?
:how do we support them in being faithful to themselves?
:how do we encourage them not to demean themselves or others?
-Find strength in God
:be ordained as was Emma Smith
:teach, write, learn, study
:women are to expound by the Spirit
-Find joy
:accept that there will be sorrow
:accept that there will be anxiety and concern
:the key is to learn to find joy in our adversity rather than to deny adversity.
:share scriptures
:teach good habits
:teach service
:teach the duty to support and acknowledge women as the find strength in God and are true to themselves.
-What is the capacity of women?
:what power do they have through faith?
:what capacity do they have to act?
:what does it mean that they do not "hold second place"?
:how do we act to avoid treating women as second place members?
(From Teachings of president Hinckley. ).

Bible Lessons

May you be like Ruth and like Esther,
Marry someone of a different race,
All will adore you,
You will be famous,
Everyone will know your face ....
[isn't that the lesson we get from the two books of the Bible named after women?].

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The day my dad got arrested

In the hospital.

While donating blood.

There was a police officer bleeding out, and they had run out of the officer's blood type.

They can't order you to donate blood, but my dad was signed up to be available and when he got the call he jumped in his car and headed to the hospital.

The entrance was restricted to a round about traffic flow at the time of day my dad arrived, so he just made a (at that time of day) illegal left hand turn right into the lot.  A police officer on duty immediately fired up his siren and tried to pull him over.

My dad ignored him, parked and headed in.  So the officer chased him down and wrote him a ticket while my dad was strapped in giving blood directly to the dying police officer in the hospital.

Luckily dad thought it was funny, though the police lieutenant at the bed side also had a cow.