Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lesson in church today

-Women need to be faithful to themselves.
:how do they do that?
:how do we support them in being faithful to themselves?
:how do we encourage them not to demean themselves or others?
-Find strength in God
:be ordained as was Emma Smith
:teach, write, learn, study
:women are to expound by the Spirit
-Find joy
:accept that there will be sorrow
:accept that there will be anxiety and concern
:the key is to learn to find joy in our adversity rather than to deny adversity.
:share scriptures
:teach good habits
:teach service
:teach the duty to support and acknowledge women as the find strength in God and are true to themselves.
-What is the capacity of women?
:what power do they have through faith?
:what capacity do they have to act?
:what does it mean that they do not "hold second place"?
:how do we act to avoid treating women as second place members?
(From Teachings of president Hinckley. ).

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