Friday, March 08, 2019

A change of pace

I think I have said what I have to say about grief, recovery and finding life again.

So, a change of pace.

I retire on March 17.  While our home will be graced by a nephew and others, Win and I will be backpacking, at least for a while. is where my future adventures are being recorded.

Since I will be backpacking I expect my religious/spiritual posts at will probably slow down as well.

Now that location was originally a WordPress blog I started just to try WordPress and never did any "real" posts.  Then I tried some various trail journal solutions, but WordPress has a great app that allows me to upload pictures and posts from my phone -- which is all I need when backpacking.

I'm taking up from where I left off at

I enjoyed using Blogger.  If I was carrying a laptop on the trail with me, I'd probably consider still using it.  But with only a phone to use as a camera and everything else, the WordPress App works so much better.

Really useful stretches for hiking:

There are some anomalies using my pre-existing WordPress blog.  My first post was dated September 27, 2005 -- and did not have any content until I updated/started using it in March of 2019.  That is why it has a comment from "Mr. WordPress" that is basically a tutorial on comments.

The url reflects a name unrelated to the blog name.  But since this is just for my personal use and for friends, it doesn't really matter.

Starting March 7, I've started blogging there about our attempts to hike the Appalachian Trail for a sixth time following my retirement.

After that I plan to do some volunteering and take some classes.

Everyone I've met on the path of loss and grief is still in my heart.  I have not forgotten.