Thursday, November 28, 2013


I very much enjoyed the speakers at Church this last Sunday.  As always, I had to leave early to open up the library, but we had a Swiss sister, Petra Hein, who spoke about how the Spirit had touched and moved her with real humility and grace.  She spoke of times of despair and of Bishop Moline visiting when she needed help.  I was grateful for that.

Then in priesthood, Bob Brigman spoke about how when he first started attending church, every time he paid his tithing something bad happened.  But he was paying it because it pleased God, not because he expected God to react like a vending machine.

Today we spent Thanksgiving with Stephen & Lora Gonda and they were gracious.  It was good to be with others and to share.

I am grateful for this day, for my family and for the hope that comes in Winter that there will be a Spring.

God bless you, each and every one.

Inclusiveness and the gospel

Wherever you are, whatever you are wearing, whatever language you are hearing, you [women] are part of a powerful force of joy, peace, and goodness. We are here to rejoice together. . . . Rejoice in the diversity of our sisterhood! It is the diversity of colors in a spectrum that makes a rainbow. It is the diversity in our circumstances that gives us compassionate hearts. (Chieko Okazaki, First Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, 1993)

Are women going against LDS Church policy by wearing pants to Sunday services?

No. Scott Trotter, an LDS spokesman: “Attending church is about worship and learning to be followers of Jesus Christ. Generally church members are encouraged to wear their best clothing as a sign of respect for the Savior, but we don’t counsel people beyond that” (Dec. 11, 2012).