Friday, August 31, 2007

Back on line, so little I have to say today

On the one hand, it is nice to have my computer back and be able to post again, but it is August 31 and all I can think of is Robin.

Missing her leaves me beyond words today.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Transfinite God

I think (not "I know" or "I believe") that a part of God being infinite is that God is transfinite.

Let me explain and define my terms. If we were all points on a plane (a flat, two dimensional world), a solid sphere that intersected the sphere would be a transfinite object (vis a vis the plane).

Just as the number of curves in the plane is infinite (an aleph two infinity), so the number of curved planar surfaces inside a sphere is infinite (and perhaps sufficient to correlate to the curves).

I think that, in some ways, the resurrection makes us transfinite. The sort of thing C. S. Lewis grasped at with his book The Great Divorce. Lewis has things getting more and more real as they get closer to God (all of hell is contained in a speck at the bottom of a crack in the pavement at the edge of Heaven). I suspect that all of our grasping at meaning is limited by our lack of a transfinite nature and by our finite understandings. Which is why John would say that it does not yet appear what we shall be. ("Beloved, it does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that, when he comes, we shall be like him.” So love for one another, genuine love")

He knew we would be resurrected and become like Christ, yet his best analysis of that was that we should embrace love, because he could not otherwise define it.

So it is that I don't really know or really define, but it appears to me that much of the infinite may be subsumed in the transfinite.

By the way, I listened, a while back, to some of the people whose stories are told in "God Grew Tired of Us." The movie is out now. I think I need to see it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comfort the Afflicted

A great essay:

I also enjoyed and

And I've enjoyed and been inspired by President Faust for the last almost thirty years. President Faust

Off set the thought that a frame doesn't need to be true in order to be effective, and doesn't have to be what you think it is to be reacted against ... sigh.

People too often react against what they read into rather than what they read (or hear, or touch, or see or feel).

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Twelve Step Programs

Twelve step programs (such as the one the LDS Church promotes for its members, or AA or OA or others) work because they work. They do so much because they do so little.

There are twelve step programs because they produce results (which is what I meant by "they work because they work"). Without results they would no longer exist. It seems circular, but the programs are a success because they produce results.

They also produce a dramatic result because that result is all they attempt. By limiting their focus so sharply, they are able to continue to achieve it. Every precursor to the modern twelve step programs attempted to reach for more and failed. Keeping free from distractions and diversions seems very important.

I find twelve step programs fascinating because they reflect how easy it is to reach God, at least for the singular miracles of:
  • regaining free agency and
  • being able to seek God
The prayer of Alma 22:18 ".. and I will give away all my sins to know thee ..." comes to mind when I think of what is really going on in a twelve step program. I also think that what they teach can be applied to every life.

Sometimes we can do so much, because we seek so little, but so specifically, and find the greatest things of all.

Whitney Awards?

"The Whitney Award will be given annually in conjunction with the
LDStorymaker writing conference each March," Wells, the author of
three novels published through Covenant, explains. "This is an
exciting time to be part of the LDS fiction industry, and we hope the
Whitney will become a prestigious and sought-after award."

Anyone can nominate a novel published during the previous calendar
year in any of six categories, and a final academy of industry
professionals will vote on the final ballot. Nominations are being
taken for books published in 2007 by LDS authors at the Whitney
Awards website:


Robison Wells
Whitney Awards President

Whitney Awards Committee
P.O. Box 468
Orem, UT 84059-0468

Monday, August 13, 2007

Completely off topic

The Dresden Files - The Complete First Season
The Dresden Files - The Complete First Season ~ Paul Blackthorne, et al. (DVD)
Buy new: $30.99 36 Used & new from $28.97

That was my father's day present, just came in the mail today. So far I've watched the first four shows. My comment "no offense, but this is really, really good." Not that often I can say that about something. I've watched more straight TV tonight than I probably have the rest of the year (ok, I don't watch much television).

Girlfriends are forever

An important lesson to teach girls is that guys come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

You know what I mean. You've all seen a girl or a woman who every new guy she dates, everything else drops out of her life, all of her old friends become nuisances, her children become gnats and she goes into orbit around the newest boyfriend (or sadly, the newest in a string of husbands who don't last).

The same girl will act stupid to attract a guy, will become stupid from acting "as if" and really serves only as an object lesson of how not to be. After each crash and burn her friends are less and less close, less likely to give support.

But a good friend? They can be forever. Teach a daughter that girlfriends are forever and she will have friends that last. She will have more confidence in herself, and she will get the message that there are lots of things more important than guys. After all, guys come and go, but skills, education, knowledge, all of those are forever.

I've got a number of posts I've actually written out (I was away from the computer -- life happens). I need to type them up and blog, but I thought I'd share this thought for now. I love my daughters, and in teaching them this lesson, I want them to live full and joyous lives, and to realize that they are forever.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Grief related links ...

Once upon a time, back when blogs were not on-line journals of various types, a blog was a web log -- a collection of places you had been on the web, things you could recommend. I'm doing that now with a post I just read:

top 5 things not to say at a funeral May 9, 2007

Posted by guinever in loss, heaven, grief, healing, everyday life, death, christianity. trackback

In the two years since my daughter’s death, several people have asked me what they can say to a friend who has just lost a child or another loved one. My answer has always been,

There are truly no words. Just listen. Get your friend talking.

Ask about their loved one. Ask what they miss the most, what they remember. If you have some stories to tell about the person who has just died, tell them. They will grasp onto your memories and cherish them.


“grief is like labor” revisited one year later March 14, 2007

Posted by guinever in loss, grief, healing, christianity. trackback

As the two year anniversary of my daughter’s death quickly approaches, friends and family have been asking me how I’m doing. Some wonder how I will spend March 22–do I want the women to surround me again in prayer at the cemetery followed by brunch at my house like we did last year?

Others ask if the second year is easier than the first one. A year ago, I compared my grief to labor and I said that grief can be overwhelming just like transition during labor can be overwhelming and I said that this transition will end.

Friday, August 03, 2007

AOLPress -- GNN Press -- NaviPress

There was a rev0lutionary html editor, one that works as a browser as well as a web page designer, with some intuitive parts that have still not been equaled. I own licensed versions of other html editors, but nothing really matches it.

However, with XP service pack 2, it broke. There is a fix.

You agreed to the one a copy of this email has been sent to, along with my reply to you, to give that person full credit for the fix.
That web site I contacted is here:"

So, here is the fix, along with the contact information I was given.

Thanks for the quick response...finally found the problem and cured the prob by selecting preferences/general/photoshop4.JPG instead of the default which is trans GIF,ART,Progressive JPG.
Some how i guess windows XP doesn't do well with that setting as soon as i changed it the images appeared again in AOLPRESS .
Thanks for your time it's truly appreciated !
Nice to be able to have it working again. Too bad that it was first declared freeware and then AOL deleted it from all official support. Sigh.

Still available for download from crooks and crannies on the web. The last trace of what made GNN a great ISP, back in the day.