Thursday, August 16, 2007

Comfort the Afflicted

A great essay:

I also enjoyed and

And I've enjoyed and been inspired by President Faust for the last almost thirty years. President Faust

Off set the thought that a frame doesn't need to be true in order to be effective, and doesn't have to be what you think it is to be reacted against ... sigh.

People too often react against what they read into rather than what they read (or hear, or touch, or see or feel).

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Barb said...

I have only read the first essay so far. Maybe I should have been doing more reading and less venting. It was so powerful! I think it is so easy to get a mental image of what we think about people on assistance and allow ourselves to shut out the humanity. I met a lot of people on my mission who lived in Projects and it opened my eyes that everybody is an individual. I look forward to reading more essays, but I better get to bed.