Friday, August 03, 2007

AOLPress -- GNN Press -- NaviPress

There was a rev0lutionary html editor, one that works as a browser as well as a web page designer, with some intuitive parts that have still not been equaled. I own licensed versions of other html editors, but nothing really matches it.

However, with XP service pack 2, it broke. There is a fix.

You agreed to the one a copy of this email has been sent to, along with my reply to you, to give that person full credit for the fix.
That web site I contacted is here:"

So, here is the fix, along with the contact information I was given.

Thanks for the quick response...finally found the problem and cured the prob by selecting preferences/general/photoshop4.JPG instead of the default which is trans GIF,ART,Progressive JPG.
Some how i guess windows XP doesn't do well with that setting as soon as i changed it the images appeared again in AOLPRESS .
Thanks for your time it's truly appreciated !
Nice to be able to have it working again. Too bad that it was first declared freeware and then AOL deleted it from all official support. Sigh.

Still available for download from crooks and crannies on the web. The last trace of what made GNN a great ISP, back in the day.

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