Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seperate the difference ...

Understanding the Twelve Steps : An Interpretation and Guide

I like this one. "At the heart is the personal struggle to understand who God is and how God operates in your life." "God doesn't change, but your understanding of him does."

I find that much (though no where near all) of what goes on in twelve step programs fits into grief. We have no control over the forces that seperate us from our children who have died, or over grief itself. We need to refind and reconnect with God, as we understand God (I'm not sure I go so far as the guy who had a coke bottle as his higher power, though). We learn to pray again and to find peace. Some of the material is more useful than others, and for a non addict/alcoholic, this book is probably one of the best.

"People get into trouble when they fail to seperate the difference between the Higher Power and "my undersanding" of the Higher Power.

"God allows peole to experience the consequences of their own behavior, to learn from their mistakes, and to make choices in order to do what is necessary to correct the problems."

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you should know that Seth just posted on his boards:

I was interviewed today by Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit.com) and his wife Helen. The podcast is [url=http://instapundit.com/archives/030366.phphere[/url].

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Good post.

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Blogger and author Kathy Shaidle wrote a very good book called "A Seeker's Journey: the 12 steps for the rest of us" that discusses application of the 12 steps outside their usual fora. Good stuff.