Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lennika is a pretty name

Last night we saw Kenneth Cope in concert. He and his subtle piano player were affectionate, and the show was extremely well done. While we were sitting there, my wife brought up names and that Lennika was a good example of a pretty name that is under used. We then talked with the couple next to us for a while, discussing girls' names that are pretty, but underused.

The concert also made me think of sons. If I'd ever had one, I'd have named him John Robert. John for the first Marsh in the United States, brought here as a bond servent/slave with the William and Mary Company and Robert in memory of my family line (it is a traditional name for first born boys in my line, Stephen Robert, LeRoy Robert, Robert Henry, etc.).

The concert was first announced as "for singles only, the rest of you can't come" (a seperate charge part of a multi-regional singles conference) and then, when they did not handle the ticket sales and publicity well (and thus got very few sales, though the conference was rumored to be a success), "for you too, but not really." Cope did an excellently professional presentation, to a half filled cultural hall.

His Greater Than Us All helped my wife about ten years ago, in the midst of burying children. But the concert was much better than that, if the comment makes any sense. Felicia Sorensen's She Believes is still my favorite, but I was pleased with Kenneth Cope's music, which has sold better.

Lots of things that are underappreciated.

Leave me a name or something else that you feel is not appreciated the way it should be.


N.F. said...

I've seen Kenneth Cope in concert a few times (at Singles conferences). I continue to be blown away every time I hear his music.

annegb said...

Well, this is sort of an interesting coicidence name story.

I loved Victoria Holt when I was a teenager and I decided to name my first daughter Lisa Mellyn (Ms. Holt has a book called Mistress of Mellyn).

So I was dating my first husband and we were talking what we'd name our kids and he said "I'm going to name my first daughter Lisa Mellyn."

I was stunned and knew of course we would be married.

We never had a daughter, 16 years after our marriage, 13 years after his death, Bill and I had a daughter. We named her Sarah Mellyn. I sort of got tired of all the Lisas and felt that Sarah was a more significant name.

Still, cool, huh? My first husband never read a romance novel in his life.

annegb said...

PS, I actually have no idea who Kenneth Cope is. :)_