Saturday, May 13, 2006

Homosexuality, etc.

[if you've come for Shangri-la diet notes, click here]

Carol Lynn Pearson's talk on the subject. I enjoyed her book, so I listed to the webcast, at least some of it.

I'm only fifty. I don't know enough to comment more. So, in case you are wondering why I haven't blogged on the subject, it is because all I know about homosexuals is that they suffer and need love, especially in grief, like everyone else. It is our weaknesses and needs that bind us together.

As an update for those with questions about the strength training I'm doing: for the essay that I used for the foundation of my weight training (though I kind of slipped into most of it by accident over the last three years, this just solidified my thinking).


annegb said...

I know as much as you do, Stephen. I'm leaving with God and the eternities.

I loved Carol Lyn's book as well. I remember her first words (I think): "Gerald shone." I think about her book a lot, her neighbor's good bread, Gerald wistfully telling her how much he loved her, and "if only" she were a man.

Did you see that recipe I posted for you, here? It's really a good one. What a segue.

Stephen said...

I got the recipie (I've got the option turned on that e-mails me all of the posts).

I read the book about the time a friend's husband left her telling her "if only she was a big breasted blond" (and he moved in with one)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, not sure why I'm commenting as I've not done this before but I have gay friends, both male and female, and they are wonderful, honest, hardworking people that I would trust as I trust my family. I do not understand the reason for their feelings but it does not change who they are deep down. We may not agree with the lifestyle but, to me, that is not their identifying characteristic-it is their hearts that tell me who they are.