Saturday, May 27, 2006

Diet Index

I woke up this morning, realized I had lost 57 pounds so far, and decided that I had done enough updating with the diet. It works. The hardest thing about it is dealing with the emotions that I was submerging under food. Using this method of shifting my set point has pushed me into dealing with recovery, since I could not do anything else.

If you want more information on how to do the diet:

If you want direct contact with the author of the book about the diet:

If you want to buy the book at

If you are interested about th
ings I've had to say about the diet:

If you are interested in other diet related links:

Finally, if you want a good judo club, with better instruction than I had hoped for:
Funniest comment about the diet: "Are you just going to do this the rest of your life?" "Well yes" (said in the same tone as "duh" -- I only wish it had been me saying it).

That pretty much says everything I have to say. I've used a number of sources of flavorless calories. Extra Light Olive Oil (ELOO), Grapeseed Oil, Canola Oil, Sugar in water, sugar cubes, natural whey protien. They all seem to work well. Currently I use natural whey protien in water and an ELOO/Grapeseed Oil mix. Just bought my first 32" belt because I needed a size smaller (though I'm still in size 34" pants). My chest is a 44 and my wife likes the way I look.

Wish you all the same, and recovery, always.


Stephen said...

Anyone from Church who attended my class, this is the collection of links I put together for everyone.

Feel free to leave me questions or comments here. BTW, the bishopric has a copy of the book in case anyone needs to look at it.


Anonymous said...

San Francisco Chronicle article on the diet.

Anonymous said...

There is a FAQ on the diet:

Well worth a visit.

Stephen said...

An update is at:

It collects everything people have learned about making the diet work better for them.