Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Weight loss, death, love, and my blog

I started this blog to continue my on-line journal, which was a pre-blogging days sort of proto-blog, about grief and grief recovery. I need to go back and edit that, many of the posts are pretty raw.

I've started blogging a bit about diet, since I found something that seems to work for me and those who have tried it. More than the 2-3 weeks and then yo-yo that traditional "diet & exercise" schemes create. I've lost about 57 pounds as of this morning. But I also post about that at Seth Roberts boards [here for example]. Those posts drive a lot of traffic, and they do some good (a lot of parents whose children have died take a lot of solace in food), but I admit that they are not really ethesis. On the other hand, a method to move your set point that isn't "reduce calories and fail again" is pretty neat.

The grief, loss and recovery themes have started to incorporate some twelve-step materials. I never understood what the programs were about, I just sent clients to them because judges liked it (I attribute a win in the Texas Supreme Court to the client attending a twelve-step program -- it can make that kind of difference and I think it is why we had the surprise win in In Re Lock). Having taken a closer look, I understand the potential a lot more. My church has a free 12-step manual it distributes on-line, and I've been reading that, along with related materials. [Free Twelve-Step Manual]

I'm not sure how well the manual works for its intended purpose (and no, I don't plan to become an alcoholic to find out), but I was talking about it with a friend and his church has a generic twelve step program for people who just want to be closer to God -- kind of like the old Oxford Groups before they became a cult of personality. There s a lot of wisdom in those programs.

I blog on relationship issues. When a child dies, most parents end up divorced, and those who don't need help and support in repairing their relationships. I've blogged about a number of three part messages, and rules of three (in fact, I'm about to blog about another rule of three) and the need to keep courting each other.

Finally, I blog on some personal reflections. Sometimes just snippets. Win and I attended a wedding this week-end (she set them up and it was a real success) and I got hugged by the groom (for being related to my wife). It was delightful, you can find true love and humility and reserve at every level of society, with all people.

May love find and keep you.


Kenz said...

Hi there
I look forward to reading your blog, it sounds very worth while. Although we are coming from very different angles, if you are interested in a bit of a support group as far as weight-loss goes you might find mine interesting. Best wishes. http://kenzicle.blogspot.com

Johnna said...

I keep wondering if you've thought about having two blogger spaces. Your words on loss and grieving and sustaining a relationship have been generous, and helpful to me, though I have not lost a child.

The ShangriLa eating plan seems like such a different topic, maybe even jarringly so. But perhaps on my part, that's the impulse to take grief and put it in a box, safe from threatening other things, refusing to see death alongside life going on?

Anonymous said...

has anyone tried hypnosis to lose weight

Anonymous said...

I just don't have the energy to keep up two different blogs.

BTW, hypnosis tends to brute force things and actually make them worse in weight loss.