Monday, September 17, 2007

Off to the law school reunion ...

So, if you are around BYU this week end, say hello!

Not to mention, I'll be at the game to see BYU lose another one.

(This is the first college football game I'll have gone to in my life, so it should be fun no matter what happens).

JRCLS, class of '82, just FYI.

We leave Wednesday, luckily we won't overlap too much with the house (guests come and go so often. Last time I left town the house was so full everyone wanted to know what we had going on and had not invited them ^-^).


Anonymous said...

Have a good time! I have never been to a Football game in my life.

Jim Layton said...

See you Friday.
What's up with this contry club dinner stuff?

Stephen said...

Who knows, everything else must be taken. Ask the dean ;)