Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The exploitation of loss

There is an exploitation of loss by cowards, single minded and anonymous.

Interesting, I've had a series of profane (i.e. profanity and insult laced) posts complaining that I'm not acknowledging or blogging about Mountain Meadows or talking about where I was on "the" September 11 and that I need to let those drown out everything else.

I'm not sure I have much to add. I was walking back from the courthouse, there was a crowd in front of a television set in the underground mall I was walking through. I watched footage of the first of the twin towers with smoke pouring out of it.

Since I've been in CLE sessions with the mediator who handled the distribution of the payments to the September 11 survivors as he talked about the difficulties, the unreasonably self centered views of many, the heroic understanding of others, the way that people came together to acknowledge and share with domestic partners who lacked legal standing and the heartbreaking effects of the petitions by others who were not receiving special treatment for acknowledgment (financial or otherwise) of their losses as well.

What does what I have to say, what does that really add? All of those stories are better told by others.

As for the profane cowards, they obviously have their issues or they would not be reduced to inarticulate ramblings, obscenity and insults, demanding that everything else be focused on the issue de jour (of the day) of some.

I guess that I could post that there is a pressing need not to be tied down and locked into the anger and pain of the past. That focus on a loss after five to seven years is probably tied to (toss in your favorite psychobabble here) pathological.

Or that some people desperately need attention.

I hope this gives them what they need. It is the best I've got on this day.

As for the Mountain Meadows Massacre, this post says it much better than anything I could say: http://mormonwasp.wordpress.com/2007/09/11/september-11-1857/


Stephen said...

Well, the spammers and such seem to have gone on their way to other places.


Justin B. said...

How ridiculous and sad.