Saturday, September 01, 2007


I've been reading recently. One book that changed how I act is The Bottom Line On Integrity, by Quinn McKay (Author) " When I realize that this was written in 2004, I'm sad I didn't find it sooner.
Bottom Line On Integrity, The
Bottom Line On Integrity, The by Quinn McKay (Hardcover - Nov 10, 2004)

Bonds That Make Us Free: Healing Our Relationships, Coming to Ourselves
Bonds That Make Us Free: Healing Our Relationships, Coming to Ourselves by C. Terry Warner (Hardcover - Sep 2001)

Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box
Leadership and Self Deception: Getting Out of the Box

Thanks to Naiah -- I'm going to read some more.

I've a longer post in me (I just need to find where I wrote it down in pen and ink when the computer was in the shop).

I guess I ought to toss in a good word for: Genderspeak: Men, Women, and the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense by Suzette Haden Elgin (Hardcover - Oct 1993), especially since Amazon has it 33 Used & new from $0.59. The book is an interesting one. The publisher usually just does a single printing of books, sells them out and moves on. This one sold two printings before someone realized it was selling well. So, did they do a third printing? Nope, they just marked it off to good luck on a mistake.

Luckily you can buy used books easily now.

I also liked
Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High by Kerry Patterson -- though the fun part is to have people who have read it immediately be able to apply it. I find it and the competing/completing Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss what Matters Most by Douglas Stone both good books.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like some great reading! I don't do to well with hard copy books though I prefer it for the eyes. With my ocd, I usually do not finish the books or have obstactles getting to them. I did join Questia an online library although I do not meet my goals of reading nearly as much as I would like. Having goals is important to me, nevertheless. If it were not for the computer, I often would have a day of nothing most likely if I am not at work. I am linking to a web site of a single friend of mine where you can link to his brand new forum. Maybe some people here might like to check it out. We would appreciate any input on any topics that you might have as well, Stephen. Of course, you could use any screen name if you want to be anonymous. In fact, you do not even have to register to make comments as it is possible to comment as a guest. It is a nice place to socialize. I have known all the people on the forum for a couple of years or more in different online environments.

Lisa M. said...

It's funny how I seem to stumble across what I need the most.

Thank you for that, tonight.

Stephen said...

I've just bought two more copies of Quinn's book, and recommended it to a friend who bought a copy on-line while we were talking over the telephone.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, we have read your first two recommendations on our online book club. We just read Bottom Line last month. I have been a big fan of this book since I read the first version years ago and, after that, had the great opportunity to attend a week-long series of classes on integrity taught by McKay at BYU's Education Week some years ago. Amazing class.