Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Ok, I know that they are not all perfect, but I've had the good luck to encounter a number who were just great sorts. No, that doesn't mean the Saab driving blond in the theater department I had a crush on when I was much younger (well, it includes her too), but I've had the luck of meeting a number of of Australians whose charm went beyond their accents.

This week, on the flight back from my reunion I got to sit next to Cactus Jack* who had just gotten married in Salt Lake (12 hours before) and was on his way to another business meeting. He recommended some great books (I've ordered them through and told me about how he and his fiancée had read Rough Stone Rolling to get some background on Utah, and how he had enjoyed the book.

I smiled when he said he was "just a carpenter" -- the two guys who introduced my wife and I to each other worked as carpenters and I've a brother-in-law who got his start in the skilled trades as a carpenter. The only time I worked construction I was a carpenter's helper.

Anyway, some groups just seem to export well (English and Australians for example) and make your day a little brighter when you meet someone from that group.

What has made your day a little brighter?

* That is the name on his business card.


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Stephen said...

Somehow I kind of think that most visitors to this blog won't quite find Jaco exactly a good connection.

You did read the terms of service, didn't you? I'll look forward to Jaco paying the bill for this advertisement, should be interesting.