Sunday, September 23, 2007

Notes from the reunion, questions

I really enjoyed the reunion and the trip to Utah. We got to see Heather (our nineteen year-old at BYU), old friends (including the two guys who set us up and made sure we met), and I ended up giving away copies of The Bottom Line On Integrity and How to Turn the Other Cheek and Still Survive in Today's World and Negotiation Genius -- a book I liked better the second time I read it (now I have to wait for it to go on sale to get another copy of it for myself).

We also ended up giving away our BYU v. Air Force tickets so we could spend the time in what turned out to be better ways (though I still have not watched a football game live at BYU).

It was neat to see how people were doing. Jim Layton, who I've always thought well of, really seems to fit the image of what the law school hoped to see happen with its graduates. Bonnie Esplin, who I always admired, was doing well, though she missed the dinner (she did update me on a lot of people, classmates who had died, those who had lost children, lots more).

And then there were the people I've always enjoyed. Jack Welch, Wes Yamashita, Spencer Robinson, Jeff Salisbury and so many more. I picked up loads of e-mail addresses and had a great time seeing family in the area and visiting friends. I can only wish I had more time, there are more people I wish I'd had time to see.

Guess I can always visit that way again. I love the mountains, especially this time of year and it was wonderful to see people I like and to hope they were doing very well.

What kind of memories do you have of places and people?


Robyn said...

I remember opening our front windows at north wymount during football games. You could watch on tv and hear the roar of the crowd. It was the best of both worlds. Never saw a game live, well half a game once.

I loved the feeling seeing my daughters at the Y. Going to their wards were poignant for me. Here were a group of young people, in today's world, at 9 a.m. filling a classroom converted into a church. They were there because the wanted to be, no one pushing them to go. It was a great way to look back and to enjoy the view from down the road a bit.

Anonymous said...

I have so many great memories of my grade school years and especially like the memories of our most awesome All School Programs.

My college did not have dorms for most of my attendance there. I think they built them towards the end. I did have some friends in classes but as people are in tracks where they graduate usually in more than four years(and a lot more for me), you don't really have the same ruin type of experience. I wish we had a Spanish class reunion!

I was active as I have blogged about in the Institute program and also with the Young Single Adults. A lot of great memories then! It would be cool if they had such ruins as so many move away.

Maybe someday I will make it to a mission reuinion. Last I knew they were still holding them.

Anonymous said...

It was just so exciting to see you and everyone else at the reunion, and you are one svelte man now, wow.

So happy to see these comments.