Thursday, December 28, 2006

So, how are we doing ...

Well, other than wanting to see more friends more often (things get so busy), this is probably the best Christmas we've had. Now, if we can only catch up with the Greens (and my thanks to the people who sent me the phone number for Billy Joe -- your e-mail address bounced when I sent a thank you note to you, but I had a great talk with him and he gave me Bob Smith's number to [I think, I had the strangest dream and woke up with Bob Smith's number on my telephone's saved number list]).

Our Christmas letter follows. I think we got them all mailed (they were in the kitchen when we had our fire, and I still worry ...).



is at BYU. A

Neuroscience Major

Rachel is now in first grade

with Soccer, Girl Scouts, Judo

Piano, Earthsavers, Book Buddies

Chess Club. Mom tired. Steve is still

at St. Paul Travelers. Happy man. Skinny

man. He lost 75 pounds. In Judo too. His

Mom and Dad moved in down the street. Bought

a house and started major renovations. Win still doing

Anesthesia. Chairs Landscaping project for elementary school,

chairs Ward Activity Committee. Girl Scout Leader. Very Tired




That was our family Christmas letter. I got Win to approve it when she was very tired, later, on reading it again, she laughed when she realized I was talking about her being perfect and gorgeous, then realized I had sent that out to everyone we sent cards to (though we lost too many addresses in a PDA crash and the fire).

I'm so grateful to have gotten through a Christmas without the memories overwhelming us or another tragedy striking and to have a living, happy seven-year-old in the house, and Heather home for the holidays.

Another blog by a parent in grief.


Lisa M. said...

A fire. My daughter died in a house fire, in the latter months of a splendid Autumn. My heart races in a way I can't begin to describe when you discuss it.

I am happy for you good holiday and I loved the Christmas letter. It's beautiful. And the ardent declorations are a delight.

Sometimes I really appreciate the analogy of clay in the Master's hands.

The reflection that always comes with the holiday season (at least for me) I can see the personal growth I have managed over the course of the last few years, and though I still have heartache.. I also have joy.

Téa said...

Glad to read you're doing well-love the Christmas letter!

happy said...

Wow! It's beautiful! How are you doing this?:)
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!