Monday, December 25, 2006


Well, it is the "real" Christmas morning and everyone is still healthy and breathing.

Sometimes you just need to be grateful and to breathe.

Sometimes there is nothing more that you can really give or that you really need.

Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square

almost as good as Christmas at home with my sleeping baby (ok, she is really seven years old now, but she is sleeping like a baby).


Anonymous said...

Time for an anecdote from my missionary days. :) In my third area, we did service a few hours a week at a small hospital. We worked with some wonderful retired people in the community and they were very welcoming to us sister missionaries. One of the missionary couples in particular took a special liking to us missionaries and wanted to know what music we were allowed to listen to as missionaries. I had a very strict mission and basically we were allowed to listen to hymms, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the music from the videos that we distributed by us missionaries such as the soundtrack to Together Forever. We were only allowed to listen on Preparation Day.

This kind couple on hearing the regulations purchased a Christmas tape by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for myself and my companion and also to give to the other sister missionaries they had known when we saw that at our all mission Christmas Conference. Very sweet memories of unexpected kindness. And when I came home from my mission, there was a lot of flooding in the Midwest although we were not effected in Omaha. They called to check up on me to see if I were okay. :)

Stephen said...

That is sweet.

Anonymous said...

The couple that I spoke of were not members of the Church. I made a mistake and said missionary couple. They looked liked members though. :)

There was also widowed woman who we did service with who made quilts. I think she said that she donated one for a raffle for the hospital.

Well, I am glad you liked my experience, Stephen.

barbara said...

i am so sorry you have had to survive such massive loss. i found your blog through your page, looking for a woman named eleni, with whom i used to correspond in 2001-2002, after my daughter and her son had both been murdered...just had to let you know your page is still being read. peace out