Saturday, October 22, 2011

West Side Story's visit to Dallas, kind of meh, but ..


West Side Story Dallas |

We went last night, to finish up the night at the state fair with a musical rather than Randy Travis.  I'm not that much into country-western, but I think it was close to a real mistake.

Someone decided to translate a number of the songs into muddled Spanglish to be sung in a rather muffled, opaque way to where the words kind of blended into hash.  Toss in some, err, interesting sexuality sub-texts (that were never developed) it came across as hashed up by the director's conceits rather than by any artistic vision.

On the other hand, strong choreography, great sets, fun kvetching from the people around  us (the guy to my left had his girl friend leave at the intermission and decide not to come back) and heavily discounted tickets ...

Fourteen hours spent on the state fair yesterday.  All of it entertaining, one way or another, good family time this morning.

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mkgs said...

So I guess you live in the area too! We just came back from the fair. Only four hours for us though; I don't know how you managed ten more.