Sunday, October 16, 2011

Post Mortem: LG Thrill Cell Phone

I've returned my LG Thrill to AT&T for an iPhone.  I pick up the iPhone Monday.

In general, I'm only a mixed fan of Apple products.  The iTouch my wife had for work, that I've inherited, is not a bad ebook reader (the kindle app works very well).  Makes a good mp3 player.  The podcasts I've downloaded still don't show up reliably.

As for the brand new Mac my wife got ... well, she was using my computer instead this morning to pull up a recipe.  While I did upgrade to Windows7, mine is still the oldest, cheapest computer in the house. Tells me a lot about Macs that a brandnew, very expensive Mac gets bypassed by my wife all the time to use my computer.  Strange that I'm never walking over to use hers instead (though, I have to admit, the monitor is incredible on hers).

My daughter loves her LG Thrill.  3D games, bigger screen, great kindle app (hmm, Kindle apps kind of run through a lot, don't they).  She can still read the Bible on the itouch (the same app is not reliable on her phone).  She sleeps with her phone sometimes, she likes it so much.  It has almost displaced Odysseus.

But, the thing drops off wifi networks.  It is as if it is intended to drop off the network so you will end up using up your bandwith allowance.  Funny to watch that happen in the store with the AT&T firehouse set up.  "connected but disabled" I was kind to the sales guy who was just curious to see the problem (I think he thought he could fix it easily).

Not so funny at the house, especially since the contact management suite was "updated" so it won't work over the usb connection, only wifi.

Bluetooth -- undiscoverable by default, can only be made so for a hundred or so seconds at a time.  In theory will work with the bluetooth connections for the car.  In practice that means turning off the phone bluetooth, turning it back on, setting to discoverable and scanning bluetooth devices in order to connect.  Heaven help you if a truck or other heavy bluetooth field knocks you off your connection and it needs to resync.

Navigation?  Google works like a charm, but ... every time it will try to reroute you to AT&T's ten dollar a month product instead of the free one from Google.  Makes me feel like I'm beating off a pick-pocket when I'm using it.

So, was it a good phone?  Easy to add lots of memory by just adding a larger SD card?  Sure.  I mean you can go from stock to 64 gig of extra memory for a lot less than it would cost to go from an 8 gig iphone to a 64 gig one.

But, I don't have a phone to be an mp3 player.  I'm not playing games on it or watching 3D movies (well, I've turned them on so co-workers could see how the glasses free 3D works -- it works very well).

Bottom line:

11 year old kid -- will love the phone with a passion.

11 year old kid's dad -- meh, not so much.

Other users? is actually pretty honest.

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