Sunday, October 02, 2011

Android Sync Manager WiFi

Well, I can be connected with the house wifi network and this app can't find the wifi ...

It used to sync over the usb cable, which, of course, would be perfect.  The wifi is really a complete bust.

Though, at least, I now get "android disabled secured with wep" error messages with the phone and the house wifi.

Guess that is part of their goal to push me to a higher data plan.

Well, I'm within my trade-in period, iPhone 5 comes out next week and that will be that.

Unless anyone has a solution?  Advice appreciated. AT&T's autosync scrambles data (has my daughter's name attached to my brother's phone numbers, for example).


Guess I'm trading it back in for an iPhone.  The has a lot going for it, but, darn, the wifi connections are not reliable, bluetooth sync with my car basically requires manual intervention every time, address book is a pain to manipulate and unreliable in the extreme in the sync off phone.

Rachel loves hers.  Me, I'm "meh" on it, due to specific issues.

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