Sunday, August 24, 2008

Being a Father and a Husband

We went over a conference talk in our group, then I listened to it again as I listened to the CDs in my car. I loved the points it made.

As a Father
  • do not rush past fleeting moments
  • do not over-schedule your child or children
  • cut out excess commitments and encourage your wife to find time for herself
  • find regular times to talk with each child every week
  • pray, study and teach the gospel.
As a Husband
  • notice what your wife does -- often and with positive feedback
  • have regular times to talk about each child
  • give your spouse time away from the children
  • when you come home, engage your family, give your wife a break every time you come home as soon as you come home.
  • actively interact with your family as soon as you come home (rather than getting into the habit of spending time decompressing).
It can be hard, especially if you have ADD or stress in your workplace. If you have problems of that sort, get Vyvance or Tenex or learn to releax, rather than needing to use the internet or isolation to decompress.

I'm trying to incorporate those lessons.

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I like the blogger's attitude who wrote the second essay and have added them to my blogroll links so I don't forget to visit.


adamf said...

I especially try to focus on the first point. Often (especially during the semester) my schedule is completely full during the weekdays, but I always try to fit in at least a few minutes here and there playing with my son, giving him my full attention.

Eric Nielson said...

Excellent advice.