Saturday, August 02, 2008

Shot a five shot group in under an inch

Was sighting in a rifle I was given for Christmas. I haven't shot for forty years.

My eyes aren't as good as I'd like, I had trouble with the last group, trying to figure out if I was even hitting the target. Turns out my last five shots after the last sight adjustment were in a group under an inch, with several of them touching.

Well. Now to adjust the sight just a little more. Maybe some day I'll even be ready to go hunting with the guys. Or maybe more target shooting with my daughter (she was captain of the rifle team after all).

Moving on, completely off topic while we wait for the Olympics: - Watch more free videos

Just waiting for the Olympics, thinking about vacation, silly stuff.

Also, a useful post by someone else: How to avoid demonization

A Law Professor and a Policeman Tell You Why You Should Never Speak to a Policeman Without Your Lawyer Present

First, the lawyer:

Second, the policeman:

He shows how he gets around the recommendation of the lawyer.