Sunday, August 10, 2008

On vacation, adoption, theology

I've been enjoying vacation. I love spending time with my family. Makes for a blogging hiatus and a distance for spell checkers, but worth it. I'm posting now, while everyone takes an after church nap.

I'll write more on this topic, but we visited with Tom Morran, one of Win's old boyfriends. I met him first when I was engaged to Win and he was home from Yale. He was a great guy then and has gotten better with time. As time has passed he moved from math to teaching, served in the Peace Corps, got a masters in English as a Second Language, taught in Japan, went to medical school and picked up two board certifications.

He is 47. Lives well within his means, in a modest but beautiful historic home that he and his wife have lovingly restored from the bottom up. To see his home is to respect he and his wife. I plan to copy his handmade arbor. But, he and his wife are trying to adopt a second child.

If you know of someone who has a child they are considering putting up for adoption, Tom Morran is someone of gentle patience and kindness with a delightful wife who is a kindred spirit to Tom. They have one child, a Chinese girl with Thalasemia beta minor (which my sister and mother both have). The three of them would make a wonderful family for any child.

I'll upload a picture when I get home. Bu I really am glad that Win and I were able to see Tom and his family.

I don't post much theology on this blog. That generally ends up on a group blog I am a part of. The general posts can be found collected at:

I've got more drafted to add to the series, though the ones of affliction means and how it relates to us are ones I consider important.

More later.