Saturday, June 17, 2006

Off topic, talking Judo

My first throw in randori was Sumi Otoshi. It was always one of my favorites when I was younger, though my take-away throw was one that looked like Harai Makikomi or Koshi Guruma, including a variation that looks like hip check Osoto Gari which I used in wrestling. Both feature a high grip around the neck (with the neck caught in the crook of the elbow) and a pulling/twisting throw. I used that throw a lot as a kid.

Now that I'm relearning everything, I'm finding that with such a change in the amount of strength and balance that I have, I'm probably going to have to develop new favorite throws as well. On the other hand, now that I've realized that I need to start over completely, that only makes sense.

Next post, back to normal blogging.


Kristian said...

I did Karate for most of my life until right after college. After 15 years in the biz world, my spare tire is large and my 12 year old wants to get into Karate. So I've started over myself. Actually, I;ve started all the way over, since my former style (I was a brown belt) isn't taught anywhere near here.

My biggest conflict is that my brain is sending signals for my body to train the way it used to and my body responds with a sarcastic "Yeah Right!"

Good luck!

annegb said...

Sometimes I have no idea what you're talking about Stephen.

annegb said...

although I suppose it would help if I read your titles :)