Friday, June 09, 2006

62 pounds lost on the Shangri-la Diet

Ok, I've moved the diet blogging and comments to: topic=188.0 (the diet has a board of its own run by Seth Roberts and I'm there).

Also, if you are interested in "how to" I've got a link collection here: Diet Link Index

While I'm pretty much blogging on other things (besides the diet) now, I was really excited for myself this morning, so I thought I'd post.

The only down side is that I've got to pick up some 32" belts and they are hard to find.

Back to normal blogging shortly. My parents put down earnest money for a house half a block from mine. I'm so excited about that! I've also got more posts on grief and recovery.

But, I'm having a happy morning.


Johnna said...

That is so great Stephen!

I got bad news almost two years ago and immediately put on 30 pounds. I've been working on fixing that lately, but the habit of eating for stress, eating to stay awake, and eating to go to sleep are all hard habits to break.

Johnna said...

p.s. great to see that happy smile.

Anonymous said...

Karen (mrsbennett) here. You look FAB. Congrats on finding something that worked and sticking to it.

Stephen said...


I put on twenty pounds with each daughter I buried, after three I was up sixty pounds.

Until recently, I just couldn't take the weight off.

Try the Shangri-la diet. You don't need to buy anything, all the information is on the web for free, and it works for a lot of people.

My wife Win is from the Bay area, btw, and it is beautiful, just too expensive. ;)

Stephen said...


The strange thing about this particular diet is that there isn't any will power or effort involved in it, other than dealing with life without using food as a buffer.

Hope all is well with you.