Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weaponizing mental illness

evil and deluded men ...

I was thinking about that comment in a blog post, and it made me reflect that for the most part, much of what is going on in the world today is weaponizing mental illness.

I realize that there are alternative names for suicide bombers, though the alternatives actually are ones that the bombers would prefer.

But what is significant about so many of them is that they are actually disabled (either systematically or temporarily -- as in suffering from significant grief or depression for the temporarily disabled) and what is going on is that a system for weaponizing mental illness has been developed.

Now that wasn't 9/11.  In 9/11 we now know that most of the terrorists involved did not know that they were expected to die with the planes, that they were really on suicide missions. They thought they were engaged in "catch and release" hijacking (where you hijack a plane, but everyone knows the passengers will be released after you've made your statement so there is no need for security forces to storm the plane and kill you).

But that is what has been going on since then and is very much an untold story.

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