Saturday, September 03, 2011

New English Translation (NET) Bible, other matters

They now have a users page to support blogging, etc.

It has been fun to share this edition of the Bible with family, friends and my children.  We have it on I-touch/I-phones at home, in print and, of course, on-line.


I was asked about false friends.  The type that you leave the room and they will be on your boyfriend's lap (or have pulled your girl friend on their lap), nibbling on ears, and "just playing." People who intentionally stalk you down just to disrupt your life.  I've wondered as everysooften I meet someone who has a problem with someone like that. I've never dealt with it myself, I lack the right life experience to deal with someone with that sort of mental illness.

I know, intellectually, that there is an entire class of people, the sociopaths and the narcissists.  The only author I read who addressed them was Tepper wrote should just be killed at birth.  I've been appalled at that thought, and at her revenge porn (just like some writing is sexual pornography, some is violence pornography, she writes revenge pornography -- and has a book about how pornography is not just sexual), but I find myself lost for advice.  Obviously I can't point to a parable of that sort for a solution.

So I'm blogging and asking for solutions. What advice would  you give someone who was plagued by one of those psychic vampires?  Real advice rather than something drawn from moralizing science fantasy.  Thanks. Just thinking about that client (in the last post) made me think about other human monsters and I figured I'd look for something to learn so the next time I run into someone asking about how to deal with one, I'll have something to be able to say.


WVS said...

NET, great stuff. And you cannot beat free.

Anonymous said...

The only way to deal with them is to confront them that you know what they are doing. Be absolutely clear on your objectives with them and prepared to lose them as friends if they ever really intended real friendship. However, also be prepared for vindictiveness and accusations its YOUR fault that the friendship didn't work. That won't be so much of an issue the earlier in a relationship its discovered and dealt with.

There is a parable that matches this somewhat. Its the story of the rat who asks the rattle snake to hitch a ride across a river. The snake hisses they will help them cross and the rat thanks it all the way to shore. Once on the other side the snake strikes, and the the last thing the rat asks is why? The snake answers, you knew what I was when you asked for my help. If I struck on the other side you would have jumped, but you learned to trust me even when you knew who I was.

Stephen said...

Thanks. About NET, I've paid for multiple copies, so even when not free ..

Anonymous, thanks.