Sunday, September 11, 2011

Short political comment

I noted that my preference in theoretical politics is libertarian marxism.  That is where the state controls the banks and the military/police (including regulatory power) but uses the market for distribution.

In application that means state sponsorship of worker managed industries.  The problem with those is that they run into serious problems when there is a significant rate of technological change.

Given that technological change is good, probably essential, and a hallmark of successful economies, obviously current reality gives my preferred theory a gruesome death.

Which means that I'm obviously looking for a political theory that works, since the one I really like has a huge problem.

You can read more about the general theory by starting with Vanek:

I know, on 9/11 I should have a political comment on 9/11, grief communities, shared trauma and shared loss (or how some mass traumas become emblematic, other holocausts are pretty much ignored and relegated to the dustbin of history).

That is beyond me.  So I'm commenting on something where I know I've gone wrong, instead of where someone else may have gone right or wrong.

Peace, on this day and always.

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