Saturday, April 19, 2008

Restless Heart

About twenty years ago or so (in 1990) I bought my wife a CD.
Wheels by Restless Heart

This last Friday we were able to see them in concert (they've done a reunion tour). How close did we get to the band, someone asked, when I said we were close enough to touch the stage. Close enough to get a "high five" from a band member, close enough that the thump from the base came from behind instead of in front. It is actually not as loud that close as it is far away.

It was so much fun to be with my wife. I'd wanted to catch them in concert, and it was nice to have the chance. When I realized that the parking was comp'ed I almost felt like I was stealing (the tickets were $20.00 each).

Nice to be out with memories and someone I love so very much.

As an aside, Jessica had the bluest eyes in Texas. That song always makes me think of her.

Listen 7. The Bluest Eyes In Texas


Papa D said...

I understand the emotion, Stephen. There are a lot of things I love about my life, but spending time with Michelle is at the top of the list - especially when we are listening to the songs that mean so much from our past.


Jonathan Mahoney said...

They had CDs in 1990?

Stephen said...

Jon, I know it is hard to believe some times, but they even had color computer monitors then ;) -- not to mention, ARPA net had already turned the corner by then (I had my ARPANET account in 1978).

(well, if you consider CGA real color).

Jonathan Mahoney said...

Haha, well, I did my research and you're so right. The CD actually came out in 1982. It is hard to believe sometimes since I was born in '89 and I can remember buying games on 3.5' floppy and even further back playing on a Commodore 64. Craziness. I can't wait 'til after my mission now. 2 years is going to make a huge difference, especially with 32 GB SD cards out now.