Saturday, April 05, 2008

My faith in piercings continues ...

For what it is worth, I have always gotten better than average service from people with piercings.

The latest was at the Apple Store. My iPod died after a number of crashes. I suspect a lose internal coupling (since it came back to life in the middle of their checking it out when it got dropped on the counter). But they took excellent care of me, replaced it with an identical, but new, iPod and were professional and polite. As such things go, an excellent experience.

Strange, but everyone on the service end had lots of piercings, which actually made me feel calmer, given my experiences.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the fact that people that get piercings have a higher need for approval than most, therefore they go the extra mile to get your approval too? I certainly will make sure that given the options, I get a pierced person to help me out too.

The Pastoral Princess said...

Personally I feel like people with tattoos, piercings and other body modifications are actually used to being judged (I would fall into the tatooed category here) for their alternative choices...which in turn, causes them to develop more compassion on a human level. I try to never judge someone whose shoes I have not walked in....or the choices they make. If who you are and what you do is not harmful to someone yourself!! Live and Let Live!!

I am glad you are highlighting the good qualities in us 'freaks' instead of pointing out our oddities. Trust me the oddities on the inside of all of us are far uglier than that oddities on the outside!! LOL!