Thursday, August 24, 2006


We now have rain.

It was wonderful, pouring down in a bright sky, filled with light, probably an inch or so fell in about half an hour, with a fair amount of wind.

I look forward to more.


Lisa M. said...

I love rain, especially hard rain. It looks fantastic.

Robyn said...

I am very envious of you. It hardly ever rains here in the fall. We usually have to wait until the January rains.

I remember my first rainstorm in Texas. I had never seen such giagantic raindrops. I even took video of it to show my husband when her got home that day. Ahhhhhh, raindrops.

Anonymous said...

Did it rain today? Where was I? Is it possible that I stayed the whole day in the office and missed this precious rain? Or did it not rain in Downtown Dallas at all? Ummm... I look forward to more rain too, especially since I missed this one completely. ;)

Stephen said...

Alas, the rain is very hard, but scattered, has been that way for the last three days in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

But it is pretty neat if you get hit. My two girls went outside and played in it and then were jumping up and down hugging each other. Now I'm just hoping for more.

Anonymous said...

During the winter we see very little of the sun and more than our fair share of the wet stuff. Frankly, I can wait for the rain. I want to enjoy the sunshine just a little longer.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful post! I especially liked your comment about your girls dancing in the rain. I love the contrast when my girls and I run out in the puddles, splashing mud and water all over our clothes, while all of our neighbors are doing everything they can to stay out of it.