Sunday, August 13, 2006

Kindness from strangers

I've returned a lot of money to strangers in my life. But this weekend, (on a Saturday evening) when Rachel was buying an ice cream at Central Market, she dropped her money (which I did not realize). A lady caught up with us at check-out and returned it to us.

The cashier thought that was the way things were, and it was nice to see the way he kind of took that sort of behavior for granted, though I was grateful. Rachel got a reminder to put money back in her purse instead of just drop it in a grocery cart ...

The lady who returned it was gone in a flash, and I was in the midst of checking out, but thank you, once again.


Robyn said...

You've said the magical words that draw me bck to Texas every time. Central Market. I worked for them when there was just one. The one at North Lamar in Austin. I am hoping they are still the very best grocer in America. I have such fond memories for the store, the concept and how great they were to us, their employees.

Now I am driving a back country road on the way to Bartlett just to see the black earth of that small town.

Thank you for the memories!

Anonymous said...

I love stories like that.

I've been to Central Market once when my brother was teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. Fun memories.

Lisa M. said...

I have hollered at my lack of knowing what "Central Market" is, on Chronicler's place, but I will re affirm here, that I feel very left out.


I love kind acts. I have found, really found they are all about us, if we look. Sometimes though, my blinders are on, and I don't look for them.

Its great to have a reminder.

And kudoos, for the lessons we learn from our experiences.