Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Young Women's President Sister Tanner gave the talk we studied in Priesthood meeting this Sunday. A different talk she had given was a significant part of the Sacrament meeting's main speaker's talk.

Using her talks was a choice and was part of the way our time was used. We use time because we live inside of time rather than outside the bounds of time. If I were asked to define the essence of living inside of time I would say that even more than life and death, change and loss, the essence of living inside of time is having to make choices. All choice is sacrifice. In that regard, letting loose of resentment is one of the hardest sacrifices we make, but there are so many others, because all choice is sacrifice and every sacrifice is a choice, all required of us because we have only limited time, and are bounded by time.

I guess I should note that all of the speakers in Sacrament were sisters, but the Priesthood lesson was taught by the Elders Quorum President.

Also, I really believe that time makes such a difference. One of the things I really felt in the play My Turn on Earth was when it talks about how there is never enough time.

With the much too short of period I had with my girls, I feel that way even more. And, yes, I'm moving on to topics other than resentment.


Anonymous said...

Choices and time... Now there's some food for thought.

Even though it's a small part of your post, I'd like if you could let me know which talks those were (if no titles, then a general idea I could use to search for them)


Stephen said...

I'll have to ask C.W., the relief society president. She gave the talk that anchored Sacrament meeting. She is my age and single, with a son at BYU. A great role model and an excellent attorney.

Anonymous said...

"All choice is sacrifice"

Yes, we all live in a constant state of opportuity cost. Whatever we choose in a given moment precludes any other choice that we could have made. Very true...Adds more weight to that decision to spend another half hour blogging, doesn't it?