Saturday, February 04, 2006

Resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Trust in God is, in part, acknowledging that not trusting God does not create any change. Acceptance of life means to live life, and trust in God is a part of accepting life.
Another Anon

It is not where we will be next week, but what we become now. To "take no thought for the morrow" means to be alive now, accepting life and the present.
One more Anon

Thinking about those things I realized that resentment anchors us in the past with our pain, and a lack of trust holds us away from the future, in fear. By finding trust and acceptance we are able to live. Not that giving up resentment is easy, or that trusting is painless, but they both make life worth living.


annegb said...

Thanks, Stephen. Wisdom.

White Man Retarded said...

Hey, it's me again. Seeing as I respect your opinions and follow your posts, what is your thought on what is going on in the Middle East and Europe in relation to the 'cartoon' war right now? I made myself pretty clear on my site, but my view is one-sided. It is difficult to engage in debate or dialogue on the web.

Anonymous said...

I have imbibed far too much in bitterness myself. And sadly, many of those who I am bitter at, I know have done much as far as trying to help me. They have given me countless hours of their counsel. I have trouble praying about what to do with my life because I am so afraid of failure. Not to hijack your thread too much, but I constantly think that I am a risk to other people. While I have problems with my present job both with my irrational fears and also a desire to start a new job that might match my skills better, I am so afraid of going somewhere that is not completely known to me. There is a lot that I fear at my job, but it may be worse where I go as far as my phobias go. Also, I had to quit a job once because of my phobias and I fear that sense of failure too. Well, I will get back on topic. Bitterness--I know that all to well. I believe that it is really one long sameness. You feel the same regardless of who you are bitter about. Happy feelings on the other hand, in my opionion, have so much subtley and variety. They expand you. If you get all bottled up and bitter, then you do not even enjoy the big things or the little things that can bring such pleasure. Also, you can have your past distorted. I wrote a poem and a verse of it goes, "Bitterness will mine my mind and take every happy memory and leave me with a tainted faked." My first twelve years were so happy and one of my fears is that my bitterness may make me lose the sentimental feelings that I have for those "Norman Rockwell" days. The person who made those years so good made other years so bad much of the time due to what I think is mental illness. Well, enough of my personal life. Great post!

Anonymous said...

typo it should read, "bitterness will mine my mind and lead me with a tainted fake. Here is another simple poem that I wrote. Start to open your hear. Hate will abate. Your burdens will ease and you will feel peace. Bitterness you will dismiss. Sorrow will depart. Open your heart."

Well, it may be simple but I recite it to myself sometimes when I am going down the wrong path and it helps me. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those Stephen.

I don't know where Maren got this, but she often says "Fear is having faith in what the devil tells you."

Lisa M. said...


I have been working on something. Can I get an email address for you?


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