Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Let God be my only defence, my only comfort. Let me be aware"

I listened to these words and thought that I needed to be aware that God provided my only real comfort, my only true defense. The difficulty I had with an awareness of God, was knowing God, not as a magic box, but as God is. Knowing God as God is, and allowing God to work as God works, directly or through others, is a difficult step.

Some people need to pray for desperation, others for peace, and others for stillness to find knowledge, each to be able to find the means to trust God.

It is awareness that helps us penetrate the illusion of control and that aids us in finding the trust that creates faith. Faith prospers us in finding our respite in God. That is why some find peace and others find confusion, in whatever they see God or a higher power to be. We finally find stability when we are aware and when we let God. "I Am That I Am" God told Moses. The same message is here for us today. No more and no less.

We must let God be to know God's name, to know God as our comfort and our defence.


Anonymous said...

Very profound words, especially for me on this sleepless night.

I think I am finding more pieces to my puzzle, and I am hopeful it will lead me to His peace, His comfort.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stephen. Very opportune and helpful comments. Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Well put. :)

Anonymous said...

Some interesting insights.

annegb said...

That is sort of like the second and third step in AA. Letting God drive the bus. It's kind of scary when you think of everything that's going on in the world.

Stephen said...

But God is "driving the bus" anyway, which is a key concept.

I've been thinking of writing about the difference between a normal 12 step program and grief recovery.

A lot of things are similar, a lot are different. But understanding that in the best and the worst case scenario, the world keeps on turning is important to both, and to everyone, I think.