Thursday, April 21, 2005

Win and I are going to Paris to celebrate our 20th. Why Paris in springtime? Aside from the fact I've wanted to go to Paris since the 1970s and for a romantic place to take one's love in the springtime I can't think of any better? Of course it cost a lot less to go to Paris and stay in the 30th best ranked hotel than it costs to go to San Francisco?

Ok, I'm stretching. I just really wanted to take my wife to Paris.

Am I nervous? Yes, I've never been away from my children this long before. My parents are coming up to watch them, and they are good kids, but I've just never been away.

I'll be back in May. The office will survive without me (in fact, I'm amazingly caught up, just got another zero today -- that makes eleven or twelve on the year, when twelve to fourteen is usually what I do in a year), as Felicia Sorenson says "worse case scenario, the world just keeps on turning, best case scenario, pretty much the same."

But I miss my kids so much already and all they are doing right now is sleeping in the rooms next to me.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Paris...
Nothing quite like Paris in the spring.

Ben S.

Unknown said...

I ran across your blog quite by accident. Somehow I feel like I know you. My son is dying of cancer and I felt strangely voyeristic reading some of your posts which relate to your own losses.

I wish I had something more to say, other than... here's our story and while you don't know me, I'm sure you already know it:

You have many LDS links so I'll point out discretely that the Church of Christ which is referred to on my site is the one associated with the Christian Church and the Disciples of Christ. One time I dated an LDS girl until her father realized his error in assuming which CoC I was from. :-)

Stephen said...


Just dropped by your blog, I've known some good people in the Disciples -- have represented some as an attorney and had good friends.

Bless your heart.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful City, just make sure you have a picnic at least one day. Sacre Coer (Sp) has a great view of the city, and a 5 Franc
(or however many Euros) loaf with some cheese never tasted so good.