Monday, April 04, 2005

I've been down. First, my PC needed an upgrade, which meant that WindowsXP no longer functioned. That took a week in the shop and a couple days at home to restore everything.

Next, --- disconnected my DSL a week earlier than I requested -- and told me that "sorry, but we can't fix that for two weeks." It then came back up so I'm working on that post.

So, I'm stuck off-line (no access at work) until the 8th of April.

Sorry for all the blank time. I've a post I'm working on that I'll log on with as soon as I'm back. While you wait, read

Also, I am going to start deleting links to sites that have deleted their links to me.

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Stephen said...

Just started with bcc. Made my last post there and deleted the link. I'll be working down my link list and getting rid of just about everyone (except for Ozarque, who I will be adding).

Realized that I needed some way to edit out the blogs I needed to drop to keep the time I spend on line within reason, this is just as good as any other way.

Not to mention, I find it painful when people decide not to link back.