Sunday, March 20, 2005

I donated blood yesterday.

Before Jessica died, I had donated enough that they gave me my four gallon pin. When she was on ECMO is also the first time I found myself outside of the Red Cross system and donated through Carter Bloodcare. Since then, I've donated a time or two at Church and work, but mostly I get called and don't feel like making an appointment. In return, they've lost all records of my donating since 1993.

But I need to donate blood more often and I'm committed to becoming a regular again. I realized I had memories and issues left over, but I'm going to deal with them better by facing a normal donation center and getting through them than just avoiding the chance to donate.


Stephen said...

Interesting web site:

pate said...

I used to donate blood regularly, but since I spent several years in Germany my blood is no longer welcome. I wish I could still donate, best of luck in getting back into the habit.

Anonymous said...

I was going to post, but my computer crashed, so I am borrowing one.

With any luck, I'll be up and running soon.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, seems strange that there are three comments here, but only two on the page.

Rebecca said...

For years I've been unable to donate blood - pregnant, nursing etc, and now we live in the US where British blood isn't welcome. I have however volunteered for the Red Cross and organised the Blood Drives at church, to try and do my bit. As a Red Cross Volunteer we're told that as many as 95% of the population may need the use of donated blood at some point, (including platelet donations) but less than 5% of the population actually ever donate blood themselves! It's an important thing to do.

Randy said...

I used to donate very regularly, before my heart rate dropped into the 40s and 50s and they wouldn't take my blood anymore. It's one of the easiest good deeds anybody can do.

Lisa M. said...

My son was on ECMO as well, and during that time I was breast pumping so I didn't donate, but my family did.

I am sorry about your Jessica. Have you written about her? It is interesting to me, and so is hearing about your ECMO experiences.

I will dig through your archives and see if I can find something.