Tuesday, March 01, 2005

by Wilfried Decoo

Alessia, I hope you will read this post, now, or rather some day in the future when you will be an independent adult, free to choose, and strong enough to look back. I want you to know that the Church never abandoned you, that the thoughts of dozens of Church members have been with you these past few years. And, through this post, the thoughts of many will be added. This block of text links to the story of Adelbert Denaux and Alessia

It is a heartbreaking story. One that should fill Adelbert Denaux and the Belgian IACHSO with such a sense of shame that they can not face God and not weep. May they stand between heaven and earth.


Stephen said...

Comments went out on this in my newsletter as well. If I hear back, I'll post results.

Stephen said...

BTW, on the core concept of this blog, a very touching post is at:


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yabadabadoo helper said...

I tried to read the entire post by Wilfried, but couldn't. I usually cannot. Maybe I have ADD, or maybe Wilfried's just a loquacious bore.

But it reminds me of the main reason (besides taxes) that I find the European notion of government to be so deeply offensive to my values--religious and otherwise. The problem isn't that the bureaucracy did the wrong thing. The problem is that the bureaucracy had any say at all. Sure it feels good to say, "We need to protect the children." But bureaucrocies are a blunt instrument ill suited for the delicate task of child-rearing.

I'm reminded of an essay by one of the most talented essayists of our time, Florence King. She talks wrote it in honor of her "adopted sister." It's describes a better time, when people did not find it inconceivable to trust well intentioned non-bureaucrats with the future of a child. The essay is online here.

yabadabadoo helper said...

oops. In addition to a few other typos, I meant to say "adopted aunt" instead of "adopted sister."