Monday, May 02, 2005

The kids were well. The grandparents had a delightful time and everyone was very happy. I'm still jet lagged, but I dropped my mom and dad off at the airport, had a great family home evening, and am about to go to sleep.

Our hotel was grand. Right next to a metro station (on the M4 line), hot water and great water pressure on the top floor, quiet (very well insulated against sound) and clean.

Paris was a delight. We met one (1) rude frenchman (he was also short, stout, bald and drunk -- while the other short, stout and bald frenchman we met was gallant in the extreme).

I so love my wife, it is hard to express. I have to confess that sometimes I talk to her in her sleep about how wonderful she is. And we are both so glad to be home with our kids.

I'll blog more latter. Too much to write about.


Stephen said...

Checked the ecosystem and I was up to flappy bird today.

Neat. Glad to be back, though I need to do a serious post I've been thinking about.

Stephen said...

That is a review of the hotel we stayed in.

Currently ranked 25 out of about 1500 hotels in Paris.