Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lawyers with singing careers

Since I made my youngest cry when she was a baby and heard me sing at church, obviously not me.

Just ran across the website for someone I knew, in passing, in law school: -- her latest on youtube

(Note, the title of the post originally had a typo in it and said "signing" rather than "singing" careers.  There are a number of people who have careers signing for bar review classes, courts and such that involve lawyers.  But there is a difference between singing and signing.  My apologies).

P.S. Yes, there was a guy in a class before me who dropped out to try to become a rock star and who came back to law school in a class after me.  His change in grades (vastly improved) got my attention.

But that is a different story.

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Naismith said...

Could this subject line be a typo?

Since I have a deaf grandchild, and all those sibs are fluent in both sign language and spoken English, I thought that you were going to talk about lawyers with signing ability.