Thursday, November 03, 2011

Latest from Tumbleweed Tinyhouse Company

I know, this looks like an advertisement. I know, this is a copy of an advertisement. But (1) no one is paying or compensating me to post this and (2) it is really neat stuff.  So, I'm sharing it.

For an alternative to these tiny houses,


For six years, Dee Williams has been living in her tiny Tumbleweed home and championing the cause for the Small House Movement.
"I sold my big house and got rid of most of my stuff, limiting myself to about 300 things -- that was everything from heels and a toothbrush, a couple of dinner plates, and a two-ton jack. I then bought a set of plans from Tumbleweed. Four months later I had my tiny dream house."

Puget Sound Tranquility "I have been living in the house for about a year now and absolutely love it. It is perfect for just one person, with the occasional visitor coming over for a cozy dinner around my tiny table. While most homeowners spend their own free time cleaning the house, my cleaning routine rarely takes 20 minutes. I am happy to have as much free time, friend time, and happy hour time as possible to myself!"
-Brittaney Yunker, Homeowner at 25 years old

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Tiny House Workshops

Join tiny house guru Jay Shafer as he describes how he's built over a dozen tiny homes. He walks you through the process from the foundation to the roof. Jay shares his personal stories of using a composting toilet, driving his house, and finding free places to live.

You'll also go in depth on the principles of designing a tiny house, and Jay gets hands on with your own designs - giving you personal advice for your specific needs. Learn more about the workshops.

Popular Tumbleweeds
89 sq feet
Construction Plans $859
Build-It-Yourself $19,950
Ready-Made House $45,997
117 sq feet
Construction Plans $859
Build-It-Yourself $21,250
Ready-Made House $49,997
750 or 847 sq feet, 2 or 3 bdrms
Construction Plans $695
Build-It-Yourself $49,000

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, PO Box 1907, Boyes Hot Springs, CA 95416

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