Saturday, July 09, 2011

Vivah, movies

Ok, we saw this at the Plano public library and brought it home along with another movie that the staff recommended.  The version we watched was in Hindi with English sub-titles. 2007 copyright.

Wiki summary at:

The one we watched had a different cover than these two covers (which apparently are the ones for the American export versions):

Those are links to two of the three English translations (the one I have not provided a link to is a print on demand service that often is reported to botch the prints of the DVDs).  Really enjoyed watching it with Win this morning.  Reminded me of falling in love with my wife.  Though, honestly, we did end up kvetching during some of the hospital scenes (all oxygen tanks are green -- it is an international standard.  If someone is hooked up to a tank of a different color, inquiring minds want to know just what is in it.  I know more than I want to know about burn victims, etc., air beds and such.  But who watches a Ballywood movie for an accurate depiction of a burn victim?).

The other movie we kind of saw, parts of, was Get Him to the Greek.  It was just too much, so we bailed on it before it got started, really.  Read the Amazon reviews, I'm impressed by the guy who at least got two minutes in.  For the Wiki Summary

You know, every so often I get talked into a Ballywood movie.  Some are a lot of fun.  Some leave me with a "huh??" or "thank goodness I was able to take a nap during the movie" feeling. I liked Vivah, was glad I'd seen it.  The other, at least we did not pay or spend any time on a download or waiting on Neflicks for it. ;)

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