Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Resilience -- a great list

I ran across this and really liked it.

1. Get Connected- You know, make friends and then make more friends. Probably not a bad idea.

2. Keep a Journal- Do you think a blog no one reads would count?

3. Take Care of Yourself- Not as easy as it sounds, but I think this one is worth the effort and it should pay off in the long run, whether it builds resiliency or not.

4. Remain Hopeful- Find something good in every day. This builds gratitude and helps maintain a healthy perspective.

5. Take Action- Don't wait for things to change to suit you, but rather seek to change them to meet your needs. Make a plan and start taking active steps towards your goals.

That post has more useful information than all of

At least as far as recovery goes.  Now, I got what I needed for a brief in some litigation from the book, but not much for giving anyone advice.

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