Saturday, June 04, 2011


I've enjoyed a number of various conventions over the years.  I've spoken at a number of different groups and meetings.  What is fun is that so few of my interests have significant overlap.  The ADR professionals are really not very interested in RPGS.  The lawyers who have an interest in ethics are not necessary ones interested in the other legal areas I am asked to present in.

But I really like the people at NTRPG.  Sandy Petersen could not make it this year, but will be there next year and it is a time to meet up with a lot of very good people.  It is not crowded, the level of obnoxious outliers is incredibly small.

Next year will be even more fun, as we will have a sword cutting demonstration (since the new venue has details that support that).  Now, if I can talk my brother Daniel into coming down we can have some bamboo mat cutting, otherwise it will just be two liter bottles and just for education.

This year has been great.  Even signing autographs has been fun (usually I find it embarrassing).

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