Friday, October 15, 2010

Texas Republicans in the news

I read a blog post about how someone couldn't date a Republican, and I thought this video of a North Texas Republican, in front of an audience of North Texas Republicans, was well worth watching.

Though it made sense why she would not date one of these guys -- they are all either gay or married.

But still, people to be proud of.


Anonymous said...

Its all about gays these days isn't it? No one else gets bullied and no one else kills themselves. Just gays. gays, gays, gays. Getting sick of gays and I am proud for bullies who are sticking up for what is right and hounding gays to get straight. That they kill themselves is a tragedy only so far as suicide is never good. I predict this councilman just lost his re-election bid in Texas.

Stephen said...

Nah, the Democrats are unlikely to get him.

But it is about treating people like people.