Saturday, October 09, 2010

Another grief blog -- another person blogging about their recovery from grief.


annegb said...

You know how you say grief and loss don't define you? They define me. I feel like I'm still in shock about David and Davey's death 37 years ago. I can't get beyond a certain point. I'm better---than I was four years ago when I attempted suicide but I don't think I'll be whole in this life.

My sister, whose daughter was killed last year, has been expecting too much of herself, thinking she should be getting over things. But you know, a year is nothing. The speed of time, for me at least---and I hear this from friends as well---is going so fast! And I think "I've survived 37 years my life is half over; maybe I'll make it. I'm sending a link of this site to my sister. Thanks, Stephen.

Stephen said...

Bless your heart Anne.